We sell various grades of lawn turf, each with their own qualities and uses to suit different conditions and needs. Our turf is grown from specially selected and graded seeds on sandy soil which develops a healthy root system before the turf is harvested. The turf is lifted using a computer controlled harvesting machine which cuts each roll at the correct length and depth. All of our lawn turf is weed free, and because of the nature of the sandy, free-draining soils on which the turf is grown it is available all year round. Our turf is supplied to a wide range of areas, for example: Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and many more.

Our turf is sold in 1m2 rolls. Dimensions: 610mm (24”) by 1.64m (65”)


Our lawn turf is our most popular turf, it is fine leaved but durable meaning it is suitable for most lawns and landscaping applications. Its fine leaved appearance will give your garden a superb, lush surface which not only looks good but is perfect for children and pets to play on too.

Good Quality
Suitable For Children & Pets
Hard Wearing
Weed Free
Easy To Maintain

lawn turf nottingham


This turf is used on both ornamental gardens and sports surfaces. It is an extremely fine turf and can be cut to a much shorter length than other turf varieties. We wouldn’t recommend this turf to families with children or pets as it isn’t as hard wearing as our other products, but is often used where a finer appearance is required.

Very Fine Appearance
Ornamental Lawns
Bowling & Putting Greens
Weed Free



RTF Turf (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) is a deep rooting turf which has been bred to be tolerant to drought and floods. This is a very tough turf and because of the deep root structure it recovers and repairs itself following damage from various causes. This turf is perfect for use on areas that are shaded and susceptible to dry conditions such as under and around trees. 

Quality Appearance
Shade & Drought Tolerant
Very Hard Wearing
Weed Free
Quickly Recovers & Self Repairs